Male Waxing, Brazilian Waxing, Bikini Waxing in Oklahoma City, OK

About Me

I specialize in male body waxing, brazilian waxing, and bikini waxing in Oklahoma City, OK.

I am very passionate about the business I am in and welcome both male and female clients of all sizes and lifestyles – I am both LGBT friendly and alternative lifestyle friendly.

After graduating from a Paul Mitchell school here in Oklahoma in 2011, I quickly learned that my talent and ability was in body waxing and even more specifically in brazilian waxing. I absolutely love my business and take great pride in the quality and service I provide to every single client that walks through my door.

At least 90-95% of my business is brazilian waxing, so I hope that will reassure you that your business is safe in my business!

Contact me directly if you have any questions or would like to book your next service with me!

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